How to learn Biblical Hebrew online?

Your private Hebrew teacher will design a personalized course based on your current knowledge and objectives.
You will learn how to read the Bible in the Original Hebrew. You will first start from the beginning with the Aleph Bet, go on to basic grammar, nouns, verbs, conjunctions, adjectives and move into specialized Biblical grammar.
You will learn in a non-pressurized environment, in order to reach your goal of reading the Bible in the original Hebrew. Lessons are one-on-one targeted to your level, even if you don't know any Hebrew at all! You will learn at your own pace.

​Your final project will be to read the Book of Jonah!
You will find that reading the Bible is a pleasure! ​

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The Team is an online Hebrew school that allows you to learn Biblical Hebrew from the convenience of your home with the best Hebrew tutors from Israel. Depending on your knowledge and goals, you will get a personalized course.
If you'd like to take the Biblical Hebrew course, we'll be happy to hear from you. Here is the team that will give you all the support you need to learn Hebrew straight from the Bible:

Stephanie Kable

CEO & Founder

Loves languages, true believer that technology should help bringing people together.


Head Hebrew Teacher

Her skills and expertise will make your learning experience very enjoyable!


Hebrew Teacher

A knowledgable and patient teacher devoted to your success.


Biblical Hebrew Teacher

If you want to focus on biblical topics, this is the teacher!