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Hebrew courses

At Live-Hebrew.net, we offer several Hebrew courses to choose from, depending on your level and your objectives.

Hebrew courses offered

Hebrew for beginners: targteted at people who have a very limited knowledge of Hebrew, this course helps getting a basic level though key vocabulary and grammar, as well as small dialogs.

Hebrew conversation course: This course is particularly suitable for people who already have a basic level, from level Bet (רמה ב). The teacher will choose material and topics that are personalized and suitable for each student, based on his level and his centers of interests.

Specialized Hebrew: Knowing how to speak Hebrew is sometimes not enough, some people need to deepen their knowledge of Hebrew in a particular field of activity: IT, law, medicine, etc. This course is aimed at helping people who need help in a very specific field of activity.

Before taking a Hebrew course

We highly recommend you to register for a free trial lesson to help you see how you can improve your fluency in Hebrew.

Hebrew courses

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