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Hebrew ulpan online

How about having access to an Hebrew ulpan wherever you are whenever you need? Since 2006, Live-Learning.net allows people around the world to improve their language skills online with a native teacher by Skype or by phone.

Thinking of registering to a Hebrew ulpan online?

Going to uplan is great, but not very convenient, you need to travel to the ulpan, you cannot choose the time you study. An online Hebrew ulpan offers another way to learn Hebrew from the convenience of your home or office.

Why choosing a Hebrew ulpan online with Live-Hebrew.net?

Our Hebrew courses are designed to allow people from different levels to enjoy learning Hebrew in a flexible way.

1. A Member Area: at any time, Live-Hebrew.net's students can log on to our online platform, the Member Area, in order to choose a teacher, book a lesson, check their account, etc.
2. Opening hours: we offer lessons between 8am and 11pm Israel time. When a student registers at Live-Hebrew.net, he doesn't need to study every week at the same time. The time for the next lesson is decided by the student according to his own availabilities.
3. Cancellation policy: students can cancel a lesson up to 12 hours in advance for the Pay as you go option, and even up to 1 hour in advance for the Premium Members.
4. Lesson content: we put great emphasis on oral skills because we believe that our students' primary goal is to be able to communicate in Hebrew. Moreover, students will enjoy their Hebrew learning even more if they feel their speaking abilities significantly increase over time.

Getting started with your Hebrew online ulpan

Register now for a free trial lesson to help you see how you can improve your fluency in Hebrew.

Hebrew ulpan online

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