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Can you really learn Hebrew online?

October 25th, 2015 | Posted by admin in Hebrew Ulpan | Hebrew-English - (Comments Off on Can you really learn Hebrew online?)

Many people ask us if learning Hebrew online is efficient. The answer is definitely yes! but you need to choose the right method for you.

What questions should you ask yourself?

If you want to learn Hebrew, you need to ask yourself what skills you would like to learn. Is it learning the aleph-beth? is it getting a strong basis in grammar? Is it about working on conversational Hebrew? Do you want to understand the news on the radio? Do you want to be able to write letters in Hebrew? etc.
If you can identify what truly matters to you, you’ll be able to pick the right method(s) from the online world.

Why learn Hebrew online?

Learning online has many advantages. In short:
1. It doesn’t matter where you currently are. You just need to have access to the Internet to get access to thousands of resources in Hebrew.
2. You can learn at your pace. You’re the one who decide when you want to study Hebrew. The online method will adapt to your level and progress.

What are the different ways to learn Hebrew online?

Given that you want to take of these 2 assets, you still have different ways of learning Hebrew online.

podcasts: audio courses made especially for people who want to learn Hebrew.
Advantages: you work on oral skills, improve your pronunciation, your vocabulary and your grammar
Minuses: it’s a standard course, there’s no interaction with real people

elearning: exercises that you do on your own that are corrected instantly by a computer program
Advantages: you improve your grammar, your vocabulary
Minuses: there’s no interaction with real people, you don’t work on oral skills

private lessons with a Hebrew teacher online: a Hebrew online school that provides personalized Hebrew lessons with a private teacher
Advantages: you work on oral skills, improve your pronunciation, your vocabulary and your grammar, you interact with your private teacher
Minuses: you don’t interact with other students

group lessons with a Hebrew teacher: a Hebrew online school that provides a standard course for a virtual classroom.
Advantages: you improve your pronunciation, your vocabulary and your grammar, you interact with other people from the classroom
Minuses: your opportunity to talk is limited, it’s a standard course

watching Israeli programs or reading Israeli newspapers: you can easily find resources from newspapers or TV programs to practice your Hebrew.
Advantages: it’s free, you improve your vocabulary
Minuses: it’s not guided, you don’t get help

At Live-Hebrew.net, we know that the technology is a great tool to improve your Hebrew. Build your Hebrew course with your private teacher and work on areas that really matters to you.

The advantages of learning Hebrew online

March 17th, 2013 | Posted by rachael in Hebrew Lessons | Hebrew Ulpan | Hebrew-English - (Comments Off on The advantages of learning Hebrew online)

Congratulations on your decision to learn Hebrew (עברית).  It is a very interesting language with a history (היסטוריה) of 3000 years, as well as a new vibrant, growing modern language(שפה). Hebrew is for the most part, a what you see, is what you get language. That is once you learn the rules, and the basic grammar(דקדוק), you can be sure that most words will “fit” into a category and you will know how to say it. Of course there are some exceptions, like any growing, modern language, but there are not as many exceptions as with English.

Learning Hebrew online is rather new (חדש), and it is exciting. There are many advantages (יתרנות) to learning Hebrew online. There are different ways of learning Hebrew online, either through elearning or with a live Hebrew teacher online by Skype. One of the most important is that you can learn Hebrew in the comfort of your own home (בבית).  When I wanted to learn Hebrew, I was in a big city in the United States, and even so, there were not so many places to learn Hebrew. Most of them offered only beginning Hebrew, which was fine when I was first learning how to read and pronounce basic words. When I wanted to learn more, I had to make the big decision to come to Israel. A long time has passed from that time, about twenty years, but the same situation still occurs in many places in the world.

When you learn Hebrew online however, you are not limited by geography. You can learn Hebrew on the computer or with an private Israeli teacher via Skype from where ever you live.

Another problem that I found was when I was learning Hebrew in a class, was that there was a range of ability even in a beginning class. I was just learning how to read (לקרא), and there were other students who were far ahead of me! I was very embarrassed (מבוכה) when I was called upon to read from the book, because I knew that I was not on the same level. This held me back in my progress because I didn’t want to draw attention to my lack of reading ability. In an online environment however this is not a problem.

Online, at Live-Hebrew.net, the classes are private (פרטי) Skype Hebrew lessons, and you get your own private teacher who helps you at your own level. The teacher teaches you at your pace, and you might progress much faster than if you were in a class.

The last factor is cost(מחיר). Most in-person Hebrew schools are very expensive (יקר), they have to pay administrators, rent, upkeep, utilities and of course the teachers. When you learn Hebrew online, it is much less expensive.

Go ahead and sign up for Hebrew class on-line and start learning Hebrew!

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