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ברא Creation in Genesis – Chapter 1 of the Bible

March 9th, 2014 | Posted by rachael in Biblical Hebrew - (Comments Off on ברא Creation in Genesis – Chapter 1 of the Bible)
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The story of Creation in the Bible has captivated us for generations. Nothing can match the poetry and meaning in these 34 verses. The story doesn’t really end at the end of Chapter 1, but continues until the next three verses of Chapter 2. G-d included the 7th day in the creation. The Word creation ברא occurs a total of 5 times here.

Genesis Creation Chapter 1

ברא is a word that only G-d can do. It means creation of something from nothing. Man can transform one material to another, by adding or subtracting, but only G-d can really create. This verb therefore only belongs to G-d. The first instance of ברא is in the first verse, and here it signifies the Creation of Heaven and Earth. This is a general statement, because during the first day, the only things that were created were light and darkness, so the word ברא here introduces what is going to follow.

The second time that ברא occurs is in verse 21. This verse the תנינים  which mean large lizards.  In the Midrash these refer to the Leviathan. This was a big creature, that the female was killed so its skin could be used as a tent at the times of the Messiah. This ברא also refers to the creation of fish and birds.

The next 3 instances of ברא  are all in one verse, 27. The first ברא is a general statement, that humans were created, then in the likeness of G-d. ברא and then male and female ברא they were created. The number of ברא in this verse is amazing. It is as if the Bible is concentrating all the creative power here in this one verse. The creation of האדם the Man is the top of Creation.  This has a responsibility, as well. If Man is boastful, then we are reminded of the second ברא that the lizards, fish and birds were created before. But if Man uses his likeness of G-d for good, then he can use all the potential of the three ברא for good.