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Can you really learn Hebrew online?

October 25th, 2015 | Posted by admin in Hebrew Ulpan | Hebrew-English - (Comments Off on Can you really learn Hebrew online?)

Many people ask us if learning Hebrew online is efficient. The answer is definitely yes! but you need to choose the right method for you.

What questions should you ask yourself?

If you want to learn Hebrew, you need to ask yourself what skills you would like to learn. Is it learning the aleph-beth? is it getting a strong basis in grammar? Is it about working on conversational Hebrew? Do you want to understand the news on the radio? Do you want to be able to write letters in Hebrew? etc.
If you can identify what truly matters to you, you’ll be able to pick the right method(s) from the online world.

Why learn Hebrew online?

Learning online has many advantages. In short:
1. It doesn’t matter where you currently are. You just need to have access to the Internet to get access to thousands of resources in Hebrew.
2. You can learn at your pace. You’re the one who decide when you want to study Hebrew. The online method will adapt to your level and progress.

What are the different ways to learn Hebrew online?

Given that you want to take of these 2 assets, you still have different ways of learning Hebrew online.

podcasts: audio courses made especially for people who want to learn Hebrew.
Advantages: you work on oral skills, improve your pronunciation, your vocabulary and your grammar
Minuses: it’s a standard course, there’s no interaction with real people

elearning: exercises that you do on your own that are corrected instantly by a computer program
Advantages: you improve your grammar, your vocabulary
Minuses: there’s no interaction with real people, you don’t work on oral skills

private lessons with a Hebrew teacher online: a Hebrew online school that provides personalized Hebrew lessons with a private teacher
Advantages: you work on oral skills, improve your pronunciation, your vocabulary and your grammar, you interact with your private teacher
Minuses: you don’t interact with other students

group lessons with a Hebrew teacher: a Hebrew online school that provides a standard course for a virtual classroom.
Advantages: you improve your pronunciation, your vocabulary and your grammar, you interact with other people from the classroom
Minuses: your opportunity to talk is limited, it’s a standard course

watching Israeli programs or reading Israeli newspapers: you can easily find resources from newspapers or TV programs to practice your Hebrew.
Advantages: it’s free, you improve your vocabulary
Minuses: it’s not guided, you don’t get help

At Live-Hebrew.net, we know that the technology is a great tool to improve your Hebrew. Build your Hebrew course with your private teacher and work on areas that really matters to you.

Live-Hebrew.net presents Hebrew Podcasts

March 7th, 2013 | Posted by admin in Hebrew Lessons | Hebrew-English - (Comments Off on Live-Hebrew.net presents Hebrew Podcasts)

Hebrew Podcasts is a Hebrew self-study program for English speakers using audio and video podcasts. This self-study program is a great complement to a teacher-based program.

The lessons are designed for all ages and consist of a Hebrew dialog with English narration explaining the dialog and the grammar it is using. The program teaches contemporary Hebrew as spoken in Israel today. Students watch and listen to Hebrew Podcasts on their smartphone or on their computer.
Hebrew Podcasts has over a hundred lessons ranging from Easy to Advanced level. Each lesson comes with a comprehensive lesson guide, video, flash cards, Noah’s Ark game, a quiz, and a Memory game.

You can try Hebrew Podcasts using these free lessons.

lesson 1A, lesson 1, lesson 2 and advanced lesson lesson 92

Video Lesson Sampler and What’s in the Lesson Guides?

Flash cards for lesson 1

Memory game for lesson 1

You can test your level of Hebrew using this test: http://www.hebrewpodcasts.com/test/hebrewtest.php

A fun holiday newsletter is also available for free: http://www.hebrewpodcasts.com/joinmailing.html