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Staying a Year in Israel

November 19th, 2012 | Posted by rachael in Hebrew-English | Tourism in Israel - (Comments Off on Staying a Year in Israel)

There are many options if you want to stay in Israel for a year.

Staying a Year in a Kibbutz in Israel

Many people choose to stay on a Kibbutz. (קיבוץ) They work on the kibbutz doing all the traditional agricultural ( חקלאות) tasks, such as harvesting potatoes (תפוחי אדמה) during the summer, or picking bananas, taking care of the chickens (עופות) or helping in the dairy. Many Kibbutzim also have factories which produce plastics, or plumbing supplies.

When you are living in the Kibbutz, you live in the kibbutz houses, maybe ones that are not so new. You eat in the Kibbutz dining room, (חדר אוכל) and participate in the cultural activities of the Kibbutz. If you are with a group,  you can go on organized trips (טיולים) to different places in Israel such as Rosh Hanikra, that I have written about in a previous blog post, or to one or more of the important tourist attractions, such as the Old City of Jerusalem.

Staying a Year in Israel to study

Another option of staying in Israel for a year is to study at a seminary or a yeshiva (ישיבה). Yeshivot are for men, and seminaries are for women. These programs are usually for post-high school students and are designed for you to learn about your Jewish background, and learn Hebrew (עברית). We had such a seminary in our neighborhood, and the girls came from all over the United States to take a year off between high school and college. (אוניברסיטה) Most of their classes also counted for college credit. They had cultural activities, as well as trips to interesting places in Israel.

Many people come to stay a year in Israel and end up staying much longer!

Vocabulary about Staying a Year in Israel


תפוחי אדמה



חדר אוכל





Living on a Kibbutz

November 15th, 2012 | Posted by rachael in Hebrew-English | Israeli culture - (Comments Off on Living on a Kibbutz)

Here we are today with Arlene, who is a long time member of Gal-Ed Kibbutz (קיבוץ) in the North of Israel. Arlene and her husband Ed came to Israel in 1975, they first moved to Haifa because Ed was a Professor at the Haifa Technion. They lived in Haifa for two and a half years and then decided to move to the Kibbutz for a number of reasons.

Why did you want to move to a Kibbutz?

I liked the beauty of the kibbutz, and the fact that everyone knows each other.  The Kibbutz is a close-knit community where people really care for one another.  We also wanted our children (ילדים) to grow up more Israeli. (ישראלי)  When we were in Haifa, we mostly were in contact with other American families and we didn’t really get to know Israeli culture (תרבות).  When we moved to Gal-Ed, we were mostly with Israelis.

What do you do on the Kibbutz?

I worked in many different jobs on the Kibbutz.  I worked  in the dairy, (מחלבה) taking care of the cows, teaching flute twice a week, the dining room (חדר אוכל) , and worked in the nursing home. There are lots of different jobs on the kibbutz and you get experience (נסיון) doing lots of different things. It is with people who you know so you feel like it is one big family.

Do your children live on the Kibbutz?

Many children of kibbutz members who have left to study at University or go traveling are now coming back to live on the Kibbutz, this is a trend that we welcome. Children of Kibbutz member are given priority to become members.

What is the future of the Kibbutz?

I don’t really know, but agriculture (חקלאות) will always be an important part of the Kibbutz businesses. We have a plastics factory,  ( בית חרושת) and a beef herd, as well as a dairy. Many people work outside the Kibbutz, and come home every day.

I suggest that if you are going to make Aliyah that you visit a Kibbutz and see if is right for you.

Thank you very much Arlene for your time.

Vocabulary of the Kibbutz






חדר אוכל



בית חרושת