What's in the Hebrew ebook?

We have identified 100 words that you should know if you decide to come to Israel. You'll certainly want to go to the restaurant, you'll spend some time at the airport, you will go to a hotel, use all kinds of means of transport, and of course, you will do some travelling. This small ebook will give you the basics to communicate. You will have key vocabulary and sentences ready to use. Here is the table of content:

א. ִמְסָעָדה Restaurant - Miss'ada
ב. ְשֵׂדה ְתּעוָּפה Airport - Sde teoufa
ג. ָמלוֹן Hotel - Malon
ד. ְכֵּלי ַתְּחבּוָּרה Means of Transport - Kley tah’bura
ה. ִטיּוּל Traveling - Tiyul

Tel Aviv

Public phone at the beach


Western Wall

Tel Aviv


Negev Desert

Wadi Rum

The Team

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