Learn Hebrew by phone

Learning languages by phone is still a common solution to improve oral skills. If your objective is to improve oral skills and feel more confident when you're on the phone or when you talk to Israelis in general, learning Hebrew by phone is definitely to be considered.

Hebrew by phone

Why learn Hebrew by phone?

As available as the internet is, and with it, the ability to use Skype, sometimes it's not possible or you may just feel more comfortable using a phone. We provide lessons to landlines almost anywhere in the world, so there's no excuse for not learning Hebrew! Just like a regular telephone conversation with a friend our teachers will talk to you about everyday topics of interest to you, pitched at your level of Hebrew.

How do Hebrew lessons by phone work?

Depending on the Hebrew course you choose and your level, your Hebrew teacher will choose interesting topics or will send you specific material by email before the lesson.

You can also check our our Hebrew courses by Skype.

Getting started with Hebrew lessons by phone

Registering for a free trial Hebrew lesson by phone and see for yourself how we can help you improve your Hebrew.

Hebrew Trial Lesson