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Hebrew Conversation

At Live-Hebrew.net, it's now easy to improve your Hebrew conversation skills.

Learn Hebrew conversation efficiently

There's nothing better than Hebrew private lessons to improve your fluency and confidence in speaking. Covering everyday conversational topics and the interests of the student you can speak freely without worrying about making stupid mistakes in front of a group of people. Remember it's your lesson so while the Hebrew teacher will provide direction, support and content if there's things you want to talk about or a grammar point that you'd like to have explained here's your chance!

Hebrew conversation for all

Suitable for students from level Bet ('רמה ב' עד ו), this Hebrew course will significantly improve your Hebrew conversation skills. A lesson with a private teacher will definitely help your conversation skills in Hebrew. The teacher corrects your mistakes, bring some new vocabulary and grammar explanations based on your needs.

How do Hebrew conversation lessons take place

To take your Hebrew lessons, you need to connect to the Member Area. You will be able to choose your teacher, check his/her schedule and book a lesson for a day and time that suit you. The teacher will call you for the lesson, you just need to be ready! If necessary, the teacher sends you material before the lesson. Depending on your level, it could be a text in easy Hebrew, an article from the news, a short video or an exercise. We highly recommend to review the material before the lesson to make the conversation in Hebrew more focused.

You can take as many lessons as you need to improve your level. We usually recommend 2-3 lessons a week to increase your level at a good pace.

Speak Hebrew around various topics

Our goal is to help you speak Hebrew as much as possible. We will work around topics that interest you and learn the vocabulary you need to express yourself. For example:
  • How to talk about yourself in Hebrew
  • Talking about your family
  • A review of current affairs
  • Places you like in Israel
  • Expressing your point of view
  • And many more!
If you have specific topics you would like to cover, feel free to share your ideas with your teacher.

Why is Live-Hebrew.net the best way to learn conversational Hebrew

At Live-Hebrew.net, you can learn modern Hebrew online in a convenient and effective way. Our courses are completely personalized to make sure you learn what you need first.
We have highly qualified teachers who have different profiles and specialities to suit everyone's specific needs.
Our online platform gives you the possibility to manage your account in full transparency.

If you learn to speak Hebrew in our secured environment, you will gain confidence and will be able to speak Hebrew in everyday situations.

Getting started with Hebrew conversation lessons

Register now for a free trial lesson to help you see how you can improve your fluency in Hebrew conversation.