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Live-Hebrew.net selects the best Hebrew teachers to allow you to improve your Hebrew efficiently. Our Hebrew teachers come from different backgrounds but they all speak English to help you if you need. By Skype or by phone, you won't need to leave your living room to take your lessons with us!

Hebrew Tutors from Israel

Some of our Hebrew teachers

At Live-Hebrew.net, we work hard to provide you with the best online Hebrew tutors to help you improve your Hebrew.

Tali (טלי)

Head Hebrew Teacher

Tali is originally from Ashdod in Israel and currently lives in France. She is also an ex-resident of the USA. She speaks three languages: Hebrew, English and French. In the past, she was an Israeli educator specializing Hebrew. The transition between States allowed her to learn the languages at a high and professional level, and now as an online Hebrew teacher she can understand well the needs of students learning a second / foreign language. She will be happy to teach students of all levels and ages. She can teach Hebrew conversation, Professional Hebrew and Hebrew for beginners.

Anat (ענת)

Experienced Hebrew Teacher

Anat has a PhD in Hebrew literature and has taught Hebrew in several institutions in Israel and in France including for the Jewish Agency. Anat also teach history and literature to adult groups, and organizes cultural trips.

She likes Israeli culture and loves to share with people all over the world. She adapts her teaching to the student needs and insists on Hebrew conversation. She can also teach professional Hebrew.

Liliane (ליליאן)

Hebrew Teacher

Liliane made aliyah from France more than 25 years ago. She holds a degree in education and loves Israeli culture, music, arts. She is dedicated to students who are beginning with Hebrew.

Rachael (רחל)

Biblical Hebrew Teacher

Rachael originally enrolled at the University of Judaism in 1989 to study Talmud and Bible, then came to Israel to study with Rabbanit Chana Henkin in 1991 as one of the first graduates of Nishmat, The Jeanie Schottenstein Center For Advanced Torah Study For Women, Rachael lives in Jerusalem with her husband and five children She can help beginners in Modern Spoken Hebrew, Biblical Hebrew and beginners in Talmud.

What's so special with our online Hebrew tutors?

First, our Hebrew tutors are selected for their pedagogical skills. They love teaching and they love the Hebrew language. We also want your learning experience to be as enjoyable as possible. Learning online is not the same as learning in a physical classroom. Despite the distance, the relationship between the tutor and the student is usually very good. Because it's a private lesson, you get to know each other very well!
Moreover, we offer you many different time ranges to study Hebrew, you can even learn with 2 teachers if you want to experience different approaches or just learn from different angles.

Getting started with an online Hebrew teacher

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