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Learn to read Hebrew

Live-Hebrew.net is happy to introduce you to our Hebrew reading course for beginners. It's a video based course that you can review on a need basis to help you learn the Hebrew Aleph Bet in less than 2 hours only!

Hebrew for beginners

Learn to read Hebrew online

In this course, you will get access to a video course that will help you identify the Hebrew letters, learn their sound and understand the way Hebrew is built. Of course, you can work at your pace. Once you're done with the video course, you get a 30 min private session with one of our teachers to answer all your questions and to make sure you learnt the material properly.

How to learn to read Hebrew online with Live-Hebrew.net's Video Course?

  • You will go through all the letters of the Aleph Bet.
  • You will learn their name, their sound.
  • You will understand the vowel system.
  • You will get an introduction on how to read Hebrew without vowels (nikud).
As part of the Hebrew reading course, you will get a 30 min lesson with one of our private teacher by Skype who will be there to answer all the questions you may have regarding Hebrew letters.

Choose Live-Hebrew.net and learn to read Hebrew fast

Live-Hebrew.net is an online Hebrew ulpan that allows you to work on your Hebrew from the convenience of your home with the best Hebrew tutors even if you are not in Israel. As such, we have designed a course to help our students read Hebrew faster. Even if reading is not your focus it is still recommended to have basic knowleadge of the letters and how the Hebrew language works. If you like this course, we'll be happy to hear from you.