Ra’anana ( רַעֲנָנָה) is a city of immigrants.  They immigrated from Tel Aviv in 1922 with just nine people, four “Ahuzat members, three workers and two watchmen. The originial name was Ahuzat A – New York, because many people who came to live there were from New York. Today Ra’anana is a city (עיר)  with over 70,000 people.  Most of them are native Israelis with a large amount of English, French and Spanish speakers. Most of the residents live in Ra’anana, and work in Tel Aviv or Herzlya in the Hi-Tech sectors.

Ra’anana’s claim to fame is “The Park”, it is the largest park in Israel with a lake, a petting zoo, a bike trail and free shows in the Amphitheater during the summer. They have a very good sound system, so the shows are very enjoyable, you can sit on the grass and enjoy the music and other events.

Ra’anana has a very good educational system, there are 12 elementary schools  בית ספר יסודי) 10)  middle schools (חטיבת ביניים) and 8 high schools.  (תיכון ) They have programs for special education and what is not so common, also for gifted students.

There are many synagogues and there is a large population of Modern Orthodox Jews, you can see Chanukias (חנוכיות)  in many windows as you walk about town right now during Chanuka.

Housing prices are similar to Jerusalem, a three room (two bedroom) apartment can sell for $300,000, up to $500,000 for a five room apartment. Rentals start at $1,000 a month.

It is easy to get to Ra’anana by car, you drive on Highway 4, (כביש 4)  get off at Ahuza, turn leftת drive one or two traffic lights (רמזורים) and you are in the center of town.  It is only 25 minutes from Tel Aviv, but with morning traffic it might take you longer to get to work there.

Meir Hospital (בית חולים מאיר) is in Ra’anana, and it serves also Herzlya.  The maternity ward is very famous, many women coming from other parts of the country to give birth there.

If you want quality of life, (אכיות החיים) and still be in the city, Ra’anana is a good place to live.


Vocabulary about Ra’anana



בית ספר יסודי

חטיבת ביניים



כביש 4


בית חולים מאיר

אכיות החיים


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