Staying a Year in Israel

There are many options if you want to stay in Israel for a year.

Staying a Year in a Kibbutz in Israel

Many people choose to stay on a Kibbutz. (קיבוץ) They work on the kibbutz doing all the traditional agricultural ( חקלאות) tasks, such as harvesting potatoes (תפוחי אדמה) during the summer, or picking bananas, taking care of the chickens (עופות) or helping in the dairy. Many Kibbutzim also have factories which produce plastics, or plumbing supplies.

When you are living in the Kibbutz, you live in the kibbutz houses, maybe ones that are not so new. You eat in the Kibbutz dining room, (חדר אוכל) and participate in the cultural activities of the Kibbutz. If you are with a group,  you can go on organized trips (טיולים) to different places in Israel such as Rosh Hanikra, that I have written about in a previous blog post, or to one or more of the important tourist attractions, such as the Old City of Jerusalem.

Staying a Year in Israel to study

Another option of staying in Israel for a year is to study at a seminary or a yeshiva (ישיבה). Yeshivot are for men, and seminaries are for women. These programs are usually for post-high school students and are designed for you to learn about your Jewish background, and learn Hebrew (עברית). We had such a seminary in our neighborhood, and the girls came from all over the United States to take a year off between high school and college. (אוניברסיטה) Most of their classes also counted for college credit. They had cultural activities, as well as trips to interesting places in Israel.

Many people come to stay a year in Israel and end up staying much longer!

Vocabulary about Staying a Year in Israel


תפוחי אדמה



חדר אוכל





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