Studying in an Israeli university

Congratulations on making the decision to study at an Israeli University (אוניברסיטה). In Israel, you can study in many academic fields and be better prepared to enter into the Israeli job market. There are nine universities in Israel, the  Hebrew University and the Technion ranking in the top 100 in the world.

Entrance requirements to study in an Israeli university

The entrance requirements (דרישות) of Israeli universities are that you need to have a Matriculation certificate (Bagrut – בגרות)  from your high school, pass the  psychometric test (מבחן פסיכומטרי) and if your English level is not high enough,  pass the “Amir” English screening exam (מבחן  אמיר). Your Bagrut grades are very important, getting a good grade can determine whether you get into the university.

The psychometric tests mathematics, higher reasoning and English. If you have passed high school math, you will do well on the math section. The higher reasoning section, is a bit more difficult and you should do all the practice that you can. You will do well on the English section if you have passed 4 points high school English.

BA studies (תואר ראשון)

In Israel, as compared to the United States, most students finish their BA degree in three years. Some students also study for a B.ed that i,s a teaching credential, at the same time, studying for an extra year.

For the most part, the language of instruction is in Hebrew (עברית). Most university professors also speak English, and much of the reading material is in English. Most of the projects need to be handed in, typed in Hebrew.

When you graduate with an Israeli BA you are more employable (תעסוקה) and Israeli companies, especially IT companies are more willing to hire you. Good luck in your educational goals.


Vocabulary about Israeli universities



מבחן פסיכומטרי

מבחן  אמיר


תואר ראשון



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