Using a computer in Hebrew

Using a computer (מחשב) is very simple (פשוט מאוד) nowadays. You turn on the computer, you get the welcome screen and then you press the “Start” (התחל) button and you choose (בוחר) the program (התוכנה) you want to work on. Most people use the computer to get their e-mails (מייל), working on documents, to play games and watch movies. Many people use Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express for their e-mail program, and many people use an on-line e-mail program such as Gmail. To use Outlook, either you have it on your start menu, or on the desktop (שולחן עבודה). Click on the icon(איקון) and the program will open up. The desktop is the first background that you get after the computer boots up. (לאתחל את המחשב)

Using Gmail

To use Gmail, you have to go into your Internet browser (דפדפן), then type in into the address bar. Then the sign in screen (מסך) will open up. You put your username (שם משתמש) and password (סיסמה) and then the program will open (יפתח). You will see your e-mail address (כתובת מייל)on the screen with a blue status bar. When the status bar is all blue, then it will disappear and you will see the list of e-mails on your screen. Gmail recently changed its user interface,(ממשק למשתמש) the font is bigger now and it is easier to read. On the other hand, if you use Yahoomail for your e-mail program, it also changed its interface, but now the font is much smaller and harder to work with. I usually forward important e-mails from the Yahoo account to the Gmail account so I can read them!

Using Microsoft Word

If I need to work on a Microsoft Word (מיקרוסופט וורד) document, I open it up from the Start menu, choose Programs, and then Microsoft Office. I then choose Microsoft Word and the program opens. If I am in the middle of a document, and I need to look something up in another program I don’t have to close Microsoft Word, I can just minimize (למזער) the program. I do this by putting my cursor (סמן) on the top right hand of the screen, pressing on the little line that is next to the boxes. the three boxes on the right upper part of the screen is very important for you to manage your work. The x box closes the program, the boxes make the program take the whole screen and the horizontal line minimizes the program to the status bar at the bottom, so I can open it later (מאוחר יותר) if I need it.

Working on a computer is not so difficult now, and I can’t wait until Window 8! According to the advanced reviews it is supposed to be a much easier operating system!

Computer Vocabulary in Hebrew

פשוט מאוד
שולחן עבודה
לאתחל את המחשב
שם משתמש
כתובת מייל
ממשק למשתמש
מיקרוסופט וורד
מאוחר יותר