Recent Israeli Movies

Israel has produced a few notable movies (סרטים) in the past few years. It is worth it to keep a look out for new Israeli movies. Not all of them are about the political situation. In fact, Israeli film making has come a long way since “Rosemary’s Baby.”

One recent movie “We are not Alone” (אנחנו לא לבד) features a security guard (שומר) at the entrance to a large mall (קניון). This movie is sweet and follows his adventures and falls in love. The cinematography is realistic, the situation is uniquely Israeli. (ישראלי)  Watch the trailer below.

Movies about the Charedi (חרדי), Religious Jews, often have as their undercurrent a negative image. Remember “Kadosh”  (קדוש) from a few years ago? (לפני כמה שנים) This movie was in bad taste, and made people draw away from religion. Another movie, Ushpizin (אושפיזין) was a winner though. The plot (עלילה) was far fetched, but it was well received.

Now, a new movie,   Filling the Void, is a diamond (יהלום).  The plot  is very simple, but the emotional impact is tremendous.  The leading Actress, (שחקנית)  Hadas Yaron was nominated for the Venice Vopli best Actress Award. This movie treats the subject delicately, and in good taste.

Eretz Bereshit, an Israeli National Geographic style movie, shows different animals (חיות) and climates of Israel. It is a winner, still being popular after two years.  It is great for kids, my 11 year old son was shown it during Nature class  (שיעור טבע) at school, and he can’t stop talking about it!

Have fun at the movies!

Vocabulary about Israeli movies

אנחנו לא לבד
לפני כמה שנים
שיעור טבע