Rosh Hanikra

Rosh Hanikra is a very beautiful place in Northern Israel. (צפון ישראל)  It lies on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.  (ים התיכון)  The most important attraction is the grottos, (ניקרה) caves that are even now still being carved out of the rock by the action of the waves.

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Historically, Northern Israel was a passage way for people and armies, to make their way south to Egypt. Many peoples traveled through this country, amazed at the beauty of the coast. Ancient peoples such as the Sidionians and the Phoenicians lived in this area.

Present Day Rosh Hankira

The grottos themselves are a national park. You can hike there or take a cable car. The cable car is one of the steepest in the world, it has a gradient of 60 degrees. (מעלות) Then you get out of the cable car, and go on a short 200 meter walk. This takes you to the grottos. Be sure to wear waterproof (נגד מים) clothing as the sea spray can be very cold. In fact, if you visit in the winter on a windy day, the views will be even more spectacular! The grottos are lit even at night (לילה), so you can stay after dark and enjoy the view.

There is more to see at the Visitors’ Center. There is a sound and light show, where you can learn about the history (היסטוריה) of the site. The exhibit shows how the British quarried the rock to expand the train line, see the wildlife that inhabits the grottos and see how they were formed.

Enjoy your trip to Rosh Hanikra and be sure to take some pictures (תמנות).

Vocabulary of Rosh Hanikra

צפון ישראל
ים התיכון
נגד מים