Dudu Fisher

Dudu Fisher is a world famous Israeli singer (זמר) and actor (שחקן).  He starred in the Hebrew Language version of the hit musical Les Miserables, and to this day continues to do concerts  all over the world.

Few people know that he is religious (דתי) and started his career as a cantor (חזן) in his synagogue in Tel Aviv, Israel. He was in the Yom Kippur War (מלחמת יום כפור) and after discharge, he studied music at the Tel Aviv Academy of Music. He studied under Shlomo Ravitz, and became the cantor at the Great Synagogue in Tel Aviv.

He would have remained a cantor all his life, but for attending a performance (הצגה) of Les Misrables in London. When he heard about a Hebrew Language version, he auditioned for the part, even though he knew nothing about acting. He went on to play the part of Jean Valjean for three years. He went on to play on Broadway and for the Queen of England. He has performed for The Thai royal family, The President of the United States and with David D’or, for the Pope.

Is is the first actor to be excused (פטור ) from performances on Broadway on Friday nights and Saturdays because he is a religious Jew and follows Jewish laws observing the Sabbath and Jewish Holidays. One of his shows is even called ” Never on Friday.”

He continues to tour and has a new show called “Jerusalem” where he pays tribute to the most Holy City in the world.  He recorded numerous CD’s including a series for children called Dudu Fisher’s Kindergarten on DVD,  which delight children (ילדים) of all ages.

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מלחמת יום כפור