Talking about the Weather in Hebrew

One topic that everyone can talk about is the weather (מזג אוויר). We all have an opinion (דעה) if it is too hot (חם) or cold (קר) for this time of year.
Many people only listen to the radio to find out what the weather will be! If I know that the weather will be hot today, then I pick out different clothes to wear.

General Weather in Israel

Israel is located in the Mediterranean Sea (הים התיכון), and it has varied weather throughout the year. Most people think that Israel is hot all the time, but this is not so.
When I first came to Israel, I didn’t even bring a pair of boots for the winter! As it happened, that year there was a three day snowstorm (סופת שלג) in Jerusalem! All the kids went out to play with the snow (שלג), having snowball fights. As it only snows about once every 8-10 years this was a real treat!

The Seasons in Israel

The summers (קיץ) in Israel are hot, the temperature in August reaching from 35 to 38 degrees( מעלות) Celsius. The summer is an excellent time to go visit the beach (חוף הים) .

In the Autumn (סתיו) Israel has a rainy (גשום) season from November to the middle of March. This means that there might be a total of 30 rainy days. When it rains in Israel there is also a lot of wind (רוח), so unless you have a very sturdy umbrella (מטריה חזקה מאוד), just wear a coat with a hood.

In the Winter(חורף), as I mentioned before, once every 8-10 years it can snow, but usually the weather is cold, 8-10 degrees Celsius. It overlaps the rainy season.

Spring (אביב) in Israel has very comfortable temperatures, from 15 degrees at night to 25 degrees Celsius during the day.

When you come to Israel, remember that it is not just a desert, there are normal seasonal (עונתי) variations too!

Vocabulary about the weather

הים התיכון
מזג אוויר
סופת שלג
חוף הים