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Learn Hebrew fast with a real Hebrew tutor from Israel from the comfort of your home. Skype or phone calls allow you to access the best Hebrew teachers out there, without ever leaving your home. You can choose from several Hebrew courses.
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Hebrew for beginners

Start learning Hebrew with a private Israeli teacher, learn basic grammar, vocabulary and dialogs.
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Hebrew conversation

If you can already communicate in Hebrew but need practice, this course will help you improve your Hebrew conversation skills online through personalized topics.
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Professional Hebrew

Do you need Hebrew for business, medical Hebrew, legal Hebrew or other professional Hebrew? We can help you rehearse and feel more confident to speak Hebrew in your field of activity.
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Biblical Hebrew

Read the Holy Bible from its original text, understand the subtleties of the language, the roots and the different meanings of the verses.
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Learn to read Hebrew

The Aleph-Bet is a fundamental skill to learn Hebrew. Learn how to read in 2 hours!
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Free Trial Lesson

Meet one of our teachers for a private session to discuss your needs and objectives.
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About us

Live-Hebrew.net, a Live-Learning company founded in 2007, is a Hebrew ulpan that works exclusively online. Live-Hebrew.net helps everyone who wants to learn or improve their Hebrew skills, no matter what one's level is, through private Hebrew lessons by phone or by Skype with dedicated and qualified Hebrew teachers.

Join our thousands of students and, like them, you will be able to handle a conversation in Hebrew with family, friends and Israeli colleagues.



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What I love about Live-Hebrew.net is that I get a lesson that's tailor made for me. I get to learn and speak about what's important to me. After doing a number of ulpans learning in a large group with limited opportunities I really needed to start speaking! As good as knowing grammar is if you can't speak it starts to feel very frustrating. At Live-Hebrew.net I do most of the talking with my teacher there to guide and correct me. The sensation of Hebrew flowing out of your mouth is addictive and has really helped to build my speaking confidence. The other thing I really like is that I can book lessons at times that suit me and cancel them if they don't. While I have a regular teacher and we generally learn at certain times it's a real plus to know it's flexible and I can adjust when I want. David, Jerusalem

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The Team

At Live-Hebrew.net, we work hard to provide you with the best Hebrew tutors and the best Hebrew resources to help you improve your Hebrew. Here is the team in a nutshell. Find our more information about our team of Hebrew tutors by Skype or by phone on our dedicated page.

Stephanie Kable

CEO & Founder

Loves languages, true believer that technology should help bringing people together.


Head Hebrew Teacher

Her skills and expertise will make your learning experience very enjoyable!


Hebrew Teacher

A knowledgable and patient teacher devoted to your success.


Biblical Hebrew Teacher

If you want to focus on biblical topics, this is the teacher!




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Selected Blog Posts

Hebrew is a unique language, a unique alphabet, a unique grammar, a unique style, it could be difficult at first glance. Check out our Hebrew blog and get more familiar with the Hebrew language.

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October 25, 2015 in Hebrew Ulpan

Many people ask us if learning Hebrew online is efficient. The answer is definitely yes! but you need to choose the right method for you.

Learn To Speak Hebrew

in Hebrew conversation

Do you want to learn to speak Hebrew? Live-Hebrew.net is here to help, but before that, a few facts about modern Hebrew.

ברא Creation in Genesis – Chapter 1 of the Bible

March 9, 2014 in Biblical Hebrew

The story of Creation in the Bible has captivated us for generations. Nothing can match the poetry and meaning in these 34 verses.

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